John Slavin Trophy

John Slavin was a long-serving BAFRA official and sometime director of the Association, who sadly died in October 2005. In his memory BAFRA has dedicated an award to be made to a team that shows commitment to improving the game experience for players and fans, as well as officials.

Results are available in the links below

Season 2016Field Audit
BAFANL 2016To be Announced
Season 2015Game Management Audit
BAFANL 2015BUCS 2015/16
Season 2014Field Audit
BAFANL 2014BUCS 2014/15
Season 2013Game Management Audit
BAFANL 2013BUCS 2013/14
Season 2012Field Audit
BAFANL 2012BUCS 2012/13
Season 2011Game Management Audit
BAFANL 2011BUAFL 2011/12
Season 2010Field Audit
BAFL 2010BUAFL 2010/11
Season 2009Game Management Audit
BAFL 2009
Season 2008Field Audit
BAFL 2008
Season 2007Game Management Audit
BAFL 2007BUAFL 2007/08
Season 2006Field Audit
BAFL 2006BCAFL 2006/07

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